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Let’s face it, when "we creative types" get our talents on track, the possibilities are limitless. We’re pleased to be a forum for just this sort of activity and interaction. We want to encourage and inspire you to keep the juices flowing... There are no boundaries in terms of what we can do creatively.

We believe that "we creative types" can and have changed the world - for the better! Whether through artistic abilities, musical or poetic genius, comedy, story telling, flavorful foods, building personal beauty and style, professional entrepreneurial endeavors, and in so many different ways that have become outlets for our God given gifts.

When all is said and done, it’s how we express ourselves that lets us know for certain who and why we are.
We are creative types...
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Join Colgate Palmolive & KTLA TV Channel 5, Ms. Gayle Anderson - Allow us to put our design skills to work for you!

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